Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cooper & Kori

Hey look, it's a small boy named Cooper and a mini Cooper!

My love for audial/visual puns is strong you guys, and I was THRILLED when his mom suggested this type of shoot! It took a lot of work on her part, and the owner of the mini Cooper, to have all the necessary props to Downtown Bryan by 8am but I love the shots we got. Cooper is a sweetheart and he's an eligible bachelor ladies! ;)

The whole family

I love Miss Kori! She has, hands down, the most expression of all the babies I shoot.

I love this. This is a true siblings hugging shot!


Chris and Lydia said...

Love Kori's lips, such a pretty little girl. And Cooper looks like he is a fun guy!

Also,why doesn't your blog ever refresh on my page...I never know when you have a new post:(

Timmy Radloff said...

When Cooper meets the Mini Cooper! Honestly, Cooper looks good in the driver’s seat of the Mini Cooper. It’s like they were meant for each other!

-Timmy Radloff