Sunday, March 13, 2011


This adorable chunk of love is Mr Jackson, he was 3 weeks old when we did these.

This is the outfit his daddy came home from the hospital in!

Doesn't he look like a baby doll!

Also, that hair is amazing. This kid has more hair then a lot of two-year-olds!

I love how baby lips get all squished up when they sleep!

This is how Jackson feels when the Aggies lose. Me too, little buddy, me too.


Day said...

Great pics. Beautiful family!

Day said...
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Shannon said...

Friend, very nice job on these pics of handsome Jackson!! And I noticed your macro images. What kind of lens did you use for those. Great detail and images as always!!

Amber said...

Your macro shots are amazing!! Ok, ALL of your shots are amazing! What a little cutie and THAT.HAIR. WOW!