Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This little guy is Nolan! Two of his aunts are my best friends, so there was quite a celebration in my group of friends when he was born:)

Nolan's mom brought him to my house for the shoot, and all these pictures are done in my bedroom (which has really lovely light). I always go to the client's house and shoot on location with newborns, but occasionally I have out of town people and people with less than stellar light in their houses ask for options so I wanted to show what a shoot at my house would look like.

Apparently Nolan's older sister, Ann, also crossed her ankles like this as a baby. Isn't that sweet?

Look lady, this paparazzi thing has got to stop!

Doesn't he look like a thoughtful, benevolent monk in this one?

Of course we needed one in the pineapple hat. What fun are babies if you can't dress them in ridiculous hats?


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Seguin said...

I like the pineapple hat. He looks like a little old tiny Carmen Miranda...

These are just way beyond wonderful, Sarah! You are such a talented artiste!