Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm trying to dig myself out of the craziness that was Spring Break, the first step is email answering and then I'll catch up on blogging.

Here's a sweet little one I shot a while back. Her name is Miriam, and she was right about 6 pounds when we did this shoot.

Isn't she a gorgeous little peanut?

I'm loving all the purple we got on her shoot!

I love how wrinkly and detailed newborn feet are!

This little girl may be tiny but she has personality in spades. She was quite precise about how she'd let you pose her hands!

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Shannon said...

I cannot believe you haven't gotten any comments on this little one's post!! She is simply beautiful, and I love the unique poses you got with her (looking down on her while she rests in her daddy's hands, name behind her on the wall, etc.)

Just lovely, Sarah!