Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This handsome little guy's name is Cooper, and you know I think Cooper may rhyme with "super" for a reason because this kid was just that, Superb! He was one month old when we did these and man was he good to us!

Isn't that hair awesome?!?!?!

Daddy's little football buddy!

Isn't this pineapple hat hilarious? Love it!


Anonymous said...

Kourtney... Cooper is just so sweet! I can't wait till you go back to work... no offense... !!!!


jacki said...

Wow....what a beautiful family. Can't wait to see you guys! The photographer is awesome. Of course, having an absolutely beautiful baby doesn't hurt :)

Shannon said...

Sarah, these are great! His hair is so precious, and I dig the football beanie. Also, the detail of his one little arm kicked out to the side of his swaddle is so great. He may be one of those babies who likes his freedom. :)

Another great session, Sarah!!

Becky May said...

Sweet pictures!

Mrs. May