Friday, February 22, 2013


Some of you may remember the maternity session I posted recently for a baby with the bump nickname of "Spicy". As it turns out, Spicy got named Annika and is super sweet and not the least bit spicy in person ;)

Isn't this a gorgeous girl?


This is probably my favorite image from the shoot.

Owen is the BEST big brother already!

For such a great sleeper Annika also had some great periods of calm alertness.Not all newborns are capable of calm, alert pictures; some feel like if they are awake they need to be eating, and some do not like to open their eyes all the way (perfering the "popeye" or "concerned citizen" faces.) Miss Annika is an alert and curious little one and she did some great eye contact images for us!

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Jennifer Wood Fritz said...

Awe what a beautiful baby!