Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This beautiful baby is Miss Caroline! Caroline was diagnosed shortly after birth with trisomy 13, and while her prognosis is uncertain, what is certain is that she was sent here with a plan and a purpose by God, and that she is greatly loved by her family and quite a few friends!

Isn't this a beautiful bunch of people?

Caroline and her oldest brother Cody

Caroline and her big brother Owen. When I got to their house and started setting up for the shoot Caroline was being held by Owen on the couch and he was telling her how beautiful she looked in her new dress and asking her to open her eyes so he could see what color they are. This boy is going to make a great daddy one day! 

Caroline and her biggest sister Claire

Big sister Kate and Caroline

And, just promoted to big brother, Nathan and Caroline!

Before the shoot her mother told me Caroline's color is purple and I would have to agree! She looks lovely on it! 

Caroline's grandma made her this special stocking and I think she looks very excited about it ;)

 One of the very few times I've photographed a baby while they got fed. In the rest of the images I just took the tube out in photoshop:)


I love her little cowlicks! She has a few in the back too and they rather look like curls!

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