Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jesse & Max

This lovely lady is facebook friends with both my fiance and I, and I was facebook stalking following along as she posted updates about her pregnancy.  So when she posted at around 20 weeks pregnant that she need to go for an untrasound for measuring very large for dates, both Kyle and I were praying for her...that's either a very bad thing or twins, and they got the very best surprise, two babies instead of one, and a matching set at that! :)

Big sister Lily got two new dolls to play dress up with! (Big brother Ehren, wasn't feeling the pictures so much, but I'm sure he'll be in lots of pictures with his new playmates when he's warmed to the idea).

These guys are identical, but they had twin to twin transfusion syndrome, so Max was about 2 pounds heavier than Jesse at birth.... and he's still a bit bigger.

Jesse, however, is the eldest. (Max in brown, Jesse in green)

Jesse on the left, Max on the right.

Despite having identical lips, Max likes to suck his in and Jesse likes to pucker his out for the camera.

Marvelous Mr Max!

Mr Jesse

For Jesse's individual shots we used browns, and since I think he's a tough little dude he got to rock the lion hat. 

For Max's individual shots we used the grey. Only the big kahuna's get to wear the pineapple hat ;) 

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