Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christian & Mary

I like to start my shoots with a little baby tossing...helps limber everyone up and get them pumped for the shoot ;)

Aren't these kiddos adorable together?

There a small window in April when the Bush library has all it's rose trellises blooming. That window is about 2 weeks long maybe? and I try to talk as many people into shooting there as possible...because it's gorgeous.

Handsome Mr. Christian!

Miss Mary and her mama!

Showing brother her new trick

I got a lot of images of Mary smiling, but this image is probably my favorite of her. I think she looks like a sweet baby bird with her fuzzy hair, her little down turned mouth and big eyes. It's shooting babies with big dark eyes like this that makes me sad my future husband and I only have the genetic potential for light eyed kids. :

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