Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Getting Married this Weekend!!!

I've been so busy lately I forgot that I hadn't posted on my blog about my wedding (there have been plenty of posts on my facebook page.)  You guys, I'm getting married this Saturday!

Here's Kyle and I when we first met. He was just 18, and had gelled hair and drove an '83 supra. Daaawwwwww. We were attending Tyler Junior College at the time, and he worked in the library and I was constantly being thrown out of the library (for being too loud). Kismet.

Here's us pond hopping in November. I transferred to A&M first, because I'm older. Kyle followed me to A&M a few semesters later because he thought I was a hottie and wanted to have my babies. (He tells this story a little bit differently than I do, but rest assured, dear reader, this is the factual and true version).

If you paint yourself blue, you get free food. We were down for that. We hit up both Blue Bakers.

Kyle and I and the other two founding members of the Interlopers

 We were friends for two years, then dated for 6 years, and now we're getting married.

 In some ways it feels like FINALLY! Gosh, what took so long! and in some ways it feel like everything is happening too fast (wedding planning wise). I need to finish editing two shoots, pack for my honeymoon, answer a million emails and finish moving some stuff over to Kyle's house before I head out of town for the wedding in Tyler.

 However, I'm taking a minute to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy where I am right now. The last two days I'll ever be engaged.

I liked being single, I liked dating even more, being engaged was the best yet and I'll bet being married is even better. :)

These images are courtesy of my friend Lamar Ontko, didn't she do a great job? Her flickr is here.

These images are from my friend Erin Cole, owner of Treasure Photography. Man having photographer friends rocks!


Jen Hughes said...

I'm so excited for your Sarah! You are going to make such a beautiful bride! Enjoy every moment of it!

Carroll Hall said...

Congratulations Sarah! “Finally” indeed, huh? Haha. I am so happy for you! I can see in both of your eyes that you are really in love with each other. I'm sure you'll make great parents and with both your genes, your kids would look really good. I wish all the best for you, Kyle and your future family. As they say, forever begins on the day you get married. So don't miss a single moment of it!

Carroll Hall