Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gabriel & Ellie

This gorgeous family has the dubious honor of being the most rescheduled BF chaser shoot in the history of ever. We had a run of bad weather, and rain and then sickness and when I was about to give up we finally got a cooperative weekend. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think the shoot was worth the effort it took in scheduling and rescheduling!  :)

Handsome Gabe. Total cheeseball. Loved the camera.

Beautiful Miss Ellie, she took a minute to warm up, but I rather love that because serious expressions on babies are some of my favorites.

Such a pretty child!

Mooooom, she's touching me!

Then we ended it all with some splashing in the fountain.

I think Gabe may have been more into it than Ellie, but that's just a guess ;)

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