Saturday, November 15, 2008

Black and White

Meet Sophie, the cutest little toddler who was ever forced to endure a photoshoot. :) I've been shooting at Sophie since she was around 5 lbs and 12oz and she still isn't crazy about having her picture made! (Some people must just be born like this right?)

Fortunately for my self-esteem as a photographer, Sophie has a brother and he adores having his picture made. Sullivan is in love with me (because of my "golden" hair) and I am in love with him (because of his blue eyes). It's a mutually beneficial type of crush. :P

I love that she still has round baby cheeks!


Lydia said...

They're both so cute!

LizzyBees said...

i just want to pinch their cheeks!
how cute are they?!!

IamtheMom said...

its actually your golden hair that he is in love with :)