Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stagg Family

The Stagg family has three little men and a princess. :)

I think this image is hilarious because Grace looks so fierce in it! She can definitely hold her own with her brothers!

The brothers.

Andrew is eight, and is starting to look so old! Crazy how grown up teeth make kids look so much older!

Ryan is six, and was the cut-up in the family pictures this year.

Grace is five, but thinks she is much older.

I think this is the first time (in numerous shoots) that I have gotten a picture of the G-unit without a huge grin on her face. I love how large her blue eyes look, and this wound up as one of my favorite images from the evening.

This is more "typical" Grace!

Lastly, Lucus, who is two. (For the record, of all the "finger/age" shots, two is the hardest one to get children to how he is looking at his fingers in this shot.)


Lydia said...

So so cute!! Love the age/fingers idea! Lucas' fingers reminded me of bunny fingers. Love them

Charly said...

Man those are cute kids! Thanks! I agree, one of my favorite shoots, though I am still partial to the one where you got the swinging and the feet pic!

The Art We Breathe said...

I'm always amazed at how you consistently pull off such great photos of kids. I mean, sure, some kids are naturally photogenic, but many are naturally un-photogenic. I did a family shoot the other day with 3 young kids and it was a nightmare trying to get them all to smile in the same photo! I came away with some good shots, but it took some persistance.

LizzyBees said...

i love these roo!!!