Monday, November 3, 2008


Oh man, these two little guys were so cute!

This is the youngest, Gavin. He was teething and in the below picture was trying to sneak his little fist into his mouth. I think it's hilarious because it looks like he's posing ah la Napoleon Dynamite.

Deb Now, make a fist. Slowly ease it up underneath your chin.
[three of them slowly ease up fists under their chins]
Deb This is looking really good.
Kip You can say that again.
[Uncle Rico acknowledges]
Deb Kay, hold still right there. Now, just imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses.

Maybe it's just me :P

This is the older brother, Grady, who is such a macho little guy! He was running around the Bush Library like a tiny action figure, with his elbows up and his hands in was really adorable.

I love this one so much.

Hum...I don't think I have the hang of resizing images for blogger yet. Some of these images look less sharp compressed like this. :( If you want a better view just click on an image and it should load larger.


Lydia said...

Love that b&w one too!

Charly said...

We are still on for tomorrow, 4:30, GB Library???

William said...

Filter > Sharpen will fix your compressed image sharpness issue. Smart Sharpen or even normal sharpen then fade the sharpen if it's too much.