Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, in November I did a maternity shoot for this lovely lady, but before I could blog her maternity session little Mr. Brooks decided to arrive. So here's a couple maternity pictures and the rest are the handsome little man himself!

Isn't it amazing how that works?

He is a cutie! I think they should keep him ;) Brooks was just six days old when we did this shoot so he was very sleepy and willing to do any pose we asked him nicely to do!

Since he was so willing I included a few of how to get the infamous "head in hands shot". Basically it's a balancing game, and you have to have a very sleepy baby with a mellow personality to do it. First you get the baby's head and body positioned.

Some babies require a little assistance and need a hand to hold their head in place (which is then photoshopped out) and some babies will hold this pose by themselves. Of course, even when they hold the pose by themselves, both a parent and I are hoovering about 6 inches from them in case they decide to wake up and move. Safety first!

Brooks is a baby rockstar and totally did it without any help, which is nice. Less editing FTW!

Then we helped him into this position. He was out at this point!

See his little smile because his mama is kissing him? The sweetest!

Brooks and Daddy

Brooks' Daddy and Grandpa are both a little bit into football, and I think this guy will probably play the game himself one day. Can't you just see him at 180 pounds and 6 feet tall?