Friday, December 10, 2010

Ryan, Taylor and Kyle

As I've mentioned before, one of the best parts of this job is following along as my little clients get bigger! This is the third year I've shot these kids and they just keep getting sweeter!

This is the littlest Kyle and he is a complete doll baby (full disclosure, I have a soft spot for people named Kyle).

This is Taylor, a little lady with the soul of an entertainer.

Quite a few of her pictures turned out like this! She is hilarious!

Biggest brother Ryan. Such a good natured guy!

This is what the entire family looks like...

But this is a little closer to the personalities!


Judy Giles said...

Oh my! Not only named "Kyle" but also a red head. I would call that a double wammy. Lovely family and I "like" the personality shot the best.

The Alexanders said...

Oh, the pictures of Taylor are cracking me up. Love them!!

Cochran Family said...

Rachel, I'm not sure I would've recognized you in public with your hair long! Y'all look great!

glennh said...

Taylor is an absolute doll. And you are absolutely beautiful. Miss you guys a lot.



glennh said...

The guys are handsome as ever