Friday, December 10, 2010

Nadia, Victor and Cecilia

The sweet family endured (with smiles) the coldest shoot I've done all year. I'm beginning to think College Station has two temperatures for the winter months; 80 degrees or 40 degrees and this was definitely a 40 degree day and with lots of blustery wind. These guys are troopers!



Sweet Cecilia

Isn't her hairbow the sweetest? Nadia and Cecilia always have the nicest hairbows, and I believe their mom gets most of them from this local mom.

Cecilia is 6-month-old and crawling everywhere and trying to walk. It's a little mind boggling how big she thinks she is ;)

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The Locklears said...

cI gave dance lessons to this couple before they got married! It is so great to see their pics and their two newest additions!