Monday, December 6, 2010

Jaxson and Jake

This is one of the first families I started to shoot when I moved to College Station as a college student. I met them through a good friend of mine, Rebecca, (they are her cousins) and I've shot them a couple of times since then ;)

I so enjoy the mixture of personalities in this family. Jaxson is very friendly and flirty and extroverted.

Jake is more methodical and thoughtful and with a dry sense of humor that's completely delightful.

Jake was the first newborn I ever shot. Here he is 3 years ago, at 6 pounds.

How did he get so big so fast?

We did a quick clothing change to shoot them in what they would rather wear.

Jaxson as the Heisman trophy.


GabbyRM said...

Awesome. It must be great to be the one who shoots these families time and time again as they grow up.

Cochran Family said...

Julie and her family sure are a good lookin' bunch! :)