Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is newborn Ayedin and his big sister Lilly.

Lilly is 16 months older than Ayedin and that's an age difference where a sibling shot is not a guaranteed pose you will get out of a session. Miss Lilly is a trooper and we were very patient so we did wind up with a couple keepers, however we also got a few outtakes like this. ;)

Ayedin was in a rush to join this world, he was born so fast that he was caught by his daddy at their house. How neat is that?

Ayedin's family moved when he was less than a week old so his mom wanted a few shots with moving boxes to commemorate that feat.

Ayedin's dad is a gamer, so we took a few shots of Ayedin and his future gaming gear.

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sarah said...

What a beautiful session! He's precious. My kids are 16 months apart, too, and it's impossible to get a shot of both of them. I'm impressed Lily even paid enough attention to him to give him that sweet kiss. Great capture!
Definitely going to recommend you to my CS friends and family. Your work is beautiful!