Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Availbility & Blogging

So a while back I announced on my facebook page that I was completely booked for the fall season and I neglected to do so here.

I am completely booked for the fall season, and I'll start booking for 2012 sessions in December. I'm currently shooting 7 days a week and I cannot add more shoots to the fall schedule.

Right now I shoot about 6-8 hours a day, and answer e-mails/mail DVDs/run business errands for another 2 hours, then I edit for about 6 hours then head to bed. I imagine in December I'll be quite a bit burnt out and ready for a career change. (I feel that way every December)

I'm trying to blog as many people as possible, but I shoot 2-3 shoots a day and generally can only blog one. The blogged shoot is generally a newborn shoot (they change the fastest) or the last shoot I worked on that day. Please do not feel hurt if you are not blogged, this is my busiest time and if I blogged based on favoritism you would definitely be included. ;)
(Some of my very favorite shoots have not made the blog as I was just too busy the day I could have posted them.)