Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bailey turns 2!

We did this shoot to celebrate Bailey turning 2! It happened to coincided with the time of year the carnival comes to the mall parking lot, so we decided to maker a carnival shoot out of it!

Shooting at the carnival is harder than shooting at other locations with small children because the very nature of a carnival is distracting and it's much, much harder to get attention from the child when you are surrounded by fun things that compete with you! So when I do small children in a carnival atmosphere, I always make sure the shoot starts at a different, quieter location to make sure I get shots with eye contact first ;)

Bailey's mama made her that dress and wanted some shots of her playing dress up in her mama's shoes, since that's something she loves to do!

Bailey and Aiden!

I love that she covers her face when she giggles!

Didn't they dress well for a carnival shoot?

Aiden is so great to photograph! ;)

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