Thursday, April 25, 2013


These two pretty ladies are Miss Abigail and her little sister Lilah! I shot Abigail's newborn portraits two years ago, so it was fun to shoot her sister as well.I could be wrong, but I think I may be getting better at newborns as I go. Here's hoping at least ;)

The colors we decided to use with Lilah were predominantly purple and teal to go with her complexion and gorgeous hair!

Love purple and teal together! Also, how cute is the height difference between these two?

Lilah really looked like her hair was highlighted with blonde streaks!

Such a beautiful baby!

We shot newborn Abigail on this table too, but Abigail was 5ish pounds when we shot her and Lilah was 8ish. Also Lilah refused to lie on just the table, she wanted a little lace've got to love similar but different kiddos!

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Ashley said...

What a beautiful family! The colors were perfect Sarah. :)