Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This tiny little guy is Jeffery, and he was the best sleeper I've had in a very long time :)

Jeffery's zoolander face ;)

Jeffery's "Boy" on the left was made for him by his grandma, his dad's "Boy" is on the right and was made for his dad, by his grandma. Maybe one day Jeffery's Boy will look as loved as his Dad's!

Big brother Jaxson was super enthused about taking pictures with his baby. (That's how we like it here at Butterfly Chaser Photography!)

So both these boys look just like their daddy (minus the mustache) so we helped them be exact twinkies!

Jeffery's a happy dreamer!

Jaxson likes to pain himself green and hulk out, so we ended the shoot with some brothers painting together! 

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