Sunday, April 28, 2013


This beautiful girl is Miss Emmy, she came to see me from the Houston area, so we did her session at my studio. I'm really getting better about the flow of session in my studio, and  I generally prefer the results I get with the more predictable light. I'm not quite at the point where I'm making all newborns come to me, but I have thought about it....

Isn't this child just stunning?

I love delicate baby parts! They change so quickly from long, skinny, newborn fingers to short chubby baby hands that it's important to document them quickly!

Emmy was capable to the best eye contact when she was awake!

Generally newborns have two stages, asleep and happy, or awake and starving. So it can be difficult to get alert, peaceful eye contact shots with them. It's generally a function of the baby's development whether or not they can look towards a light (window) without squinting. This is not necessarily tied to the baby's age (I've shot 42 week gestation babies who can't do it) it's more a quirk of the baby's individual development. I also generally swaddle awake baby's arms down, to prevent scratching and ninja fingers. Emmy, however, was so super chill this wasn't necessary.

But you know for every shot I got like the above one, we also got a few kung fu fighting shots ;)

"Seriously, you just posted that shot on the interest Lady?"

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