Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Avery & Riley

Here's a fun shoot I did with two of my favorite ladies (and, incidentally two of my first clients.)

Avery and Riley tend to have well planned out shoots. This year their Aunt Judy made them lovely Princess/ medieval ladies outfits and they borrowed a unicorn horn for the first set of images. For the second set they set up a bed in the middle of a field and for the third set I surprised them with tattoos and hair dye (I did ask their mother first).

Generally this many set ups wouldn't work within the time frame of a shoot, but these ladies are old enough, and like me enough to cooperate fully, like the little models they are. :)

Sweet Miss Riley

Avery is getting entirely too big too fast.

I love how the quilt is making a heart shape around their heads.

Then we broke out the (temporary) pink hair dye and the (fake) tattoos.

Pretty fierce, eh?

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BethanyJoy said...

Holy cow, these are fantastic!