Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thomas, Samuel & Isabel

When I was driving out to this next shoot, I kept thinking "This is very familiar... I think I've been here before..." and sure enough this client now owns the home of a previous client of mine. What are the odds?(Probably pretty good actually, I shoot a LOT of people).

Anyways, it was fun to already know the layout of the house and the house has great light so I was very pleased ;)

This adorable little one is Miss Isabel!

She was such a happy little peanut!

Then she took a short nap and we got her big brothers to come in and love on her. This is probably my favorite shot of the shoot, you can tell she is very much loved and treasured.

This little guy in named Samuel and I think he just may be the cutest thing I've ever seen! It took quite a bit of self control on my part not to steal him ;)

This little man is the eldest and his name is Thomas!

The mom of this family is a photographer, but I've found even if the mom isn't a photographer by profession, generally they are the chief family photo taker. So, I always try to include the mom in as many images with her children as possible. You don't get to go back in time and take pictures, and the window of time when your babies are small is very short.

(Of course we did Daddy and kiddo pictures too, but this blog post is getting LONG).

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