Friday, June 10, 2011


So... while I do not shoot weddings, I do enjoy the occasional bridal session every now and then! The only thing I don't like about bridal portraits is getting so excited about editing them and then having to wait til after the wedding to post them!

This bride, Beth, was so fun to work with and had a clear vision of what style of image she wanted, and was willing to roll with the punches during the shoot (it was So. Crazy. Windy. that day) which always makes a shoot go smoother!

Aren't her flowers lovely? This isn't the type of flower bouquet she used for her wedding but just a smaller one for the shoot, but I loved how it turned out!

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Before the shoot we discussed the type of images she liked (sunflare, backlit, perhaps with a vintage, Anthropologie feel) so we tried to incorporate those elements in as many images as possible. In preperation, Beth made those poms behind her in her wedding colors, aren't they awesome? I swear, I have the craftiest clients!

This is 7F's motto and conveniently found on blackboards all over the wedding venue.

Then we headed to the opposite end of town and did a couple of images with this turquoise wall. Fun fact, it was so windy here we had a helper just outside the frame holding up a huge reflector as a wind block!


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Sarah, they are wonderful. Thank you so much for giving me the most beautiful bridal portraits a girl could ever hope for~