Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have been crazy busy the last oh... month or so, which is great but it sure makes it hard to edit or blog! So here's a REALLY old shoot (note, bluebonnets) but I liked it and so it's going on the blog.

This is Caden, he was 18 months old when we did these, and he is such a little model! The 18-month to 2 year range is generally a really busy age that doesn't like to slow down for the camera, but it's also an age that doesn't show fake emotions so that makes it a favorite of mine.

Caden high fiving his dad.

This boy can do a mad face on command, which is hilarious! How cute is that?

We got a couple of family pictures like this.... jumping Caden up to get him to smile

Zombie baby in the bluebonnets!

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