Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Becca & Andrew

I shot a really fun engagement session the other day for a friend of mine that I met way back when I was a youngster (at 4-H camp I believe).

Becca is just gorgeous, which is always a plus, and both she and her fiance Andrew were delightful to photograph! Andrew actually designs photo shoots as part of his job (!!!) so he was able to articulate what they were looking for in a shoot- evocative, illustrative images, that are non-traditional- and hopefully we were able to achieve that objective with our shoot!

They met online...

The story of their proposal is a great one, involving a "Singing in the Rain" enactment, so we wanted a similar feel to a few of their images.

Look how pretty this girl is! Isn't Andrew a lucky man?

Then we went to an abandoned field and got some more relaxed and less stylized images.


Lydia said...

Um, adore everything about this shoot!

Chris and Lydia said...

Woohoo, second Lydia to comment!

Becca looks gorgeous! So excited for her! (And Andrew too!)I think that the umbrella/bended knee is my favorite.

Also, I love that door, can we take pictures there sometime? {Pretty please?)

Cercatrice said...

We LOVE these! Thank you so much!


Ruth Ann said...

Marvelous!! Becca, you are stunning, as always!!