Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Kiera came from Houston for her shoot! We did this shoot at 4pm, which is earlier than I like to shoot toddlers (2-year-olds aren't the most stationary subjects, and keeping them in pockets of good light can be tricky) but Kiera turned everything I know about 2-year-olds on it's head and was the most amazingly easy two-year-old I have ever met. (And I meet a lot of sweet toddlers, it's one of my favorite ages.)

I love the self posing little girls do!


Can't you just see her lips saying "Two!" here?

I love serious expressions on children. I think it really emphasizes the eyes.

Sweet baby feet!

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Cheryl said...

what a sweetheart and looking so big at two! maybe that's because my Eleanor barely had any hair at this age though ;)