Friday, September 21, 2012


I frequently get people who want a shoot in a different location then they've tried before, and while I certainly have ideas for new locations that I want to try this fall I wanted to illustrate how you can shoot at the same location over and over and get completely different looks. The age of the child(ren), the lighting conditions, time of day, lenses used, and clothing all influence how a location looks in photographs. These three blog posts are all the same subject (1-year-old girls) taken in the same week at the same place, the George Bush Presidential library.

This is gorgeous Miss Avery!  We took these right when she turned one!

Such a good little model! (I swear I get the happiest babies!)

I know she's not smiling it this picture, but I don't care. Look at those knees! Sqeeee!

Such a beautiful girl!

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