Saturday, September 22, 2012


This beautiful girl is Miss Jada! She was the first baby is a batch of babies I've had recently. I'm not sure why, but regardless of how far apart you schedule babies by due dates they all like to come in the same week ;)

I got three text messages saying "THE BABY"S HERE!!!" the other day. So much fun and a bit challenging trying to find time for 6 newborn shoots in one (already jam packed) week.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Here's a before and after of how I edit newborn pictures. They tend to be more work to shoot and edit but they are entirely worth it. I love to shoot newborns!

The peacock princess rules this house with an iron fist ;)

Big sister Mckenzi is in LOVE with this baby. It was hard to get this shot however...

.......Because all she wanted to do was hold and love on her. She even got annoyed with her mom when Jada was eating as she wanted to hold her.

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