Thursday, September 27, 2012


This tiny bean is Miss Claire. Isn't she gorgeous?

Claire Bear!

Such a tiny, curly newborn!

Miss Claire cluster fed three times right at the start of her session (when we were doing the family images) and then didn't open her eyes the rest of the shoot. I left and she was still asleep!

Her daddy set the clock to her birth time.

Sweet sisters Emma and Claire

This is a SOOC (straight of of the camera) shot of how you get a shot like the one about with a two-year-old and a small baby. 1.) the ledge they are on is thicker than the image makes it look, 2.) mom to camera right, 3.) Dad under the girls ;)

This is probably the longest/best newborn smile I've ever caught. She gave me 6 frames of smile...including a scrunched nose!


Amber Stevenson said...

My nieces are gorgeous...and you are amazing!! If I didn't live in Georgia I would pre-book you for all of my future babies! These are amazing!

Amber Stevenson said...
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Grammy2sl said...

So beautiful!! FAVS are the ones with Emma and Claire! Wonderful pictures of a wonderful family!!