Friday, September 21, 2012


This is the lovely Miss Landry! She was three months old when we shot these. She's way older now, but that's the way I roll. :/

Isn't she the cutest ballerina?

We did a "Princess and the pea" themed shot with Landry when I shot her newborn portraits and we're recreating it every three months for her first year.

She is such a nice baby! She is just all smiles all the time!

Landry is the last baby, so we wanted to make sure we got some mama+baby shots to show the connection between this little one and her adoring mama.

Love, love, love this shot.

Then Landry's big siblings joined her for a few images.

A little behind the shot info.... Mama's to the camera left directing Emmy where to kiss, Daddy is holding Landry in place. Landry is pissed, Radley is bored but trying desperately to perform, and Emmy has just been told not to lean on the baby with her hands when she kisses her so she is holding them way up and out of the way. Ha.

But we did get it, you know ;)

This is the shot I was going for.

But I think this is the one I like more. Just a mom, interacting with her baby in the middle of real life. Perfect.

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