Friday, September 21, 2012

Sofia & Noah

It's inclement weather week at Butterfly Chaser Photography. I'm posting about shoots that helped stretch me as a photographer. This shoot we did in the middle of the day (typically a time you want to avoid unless you are shooting indoors, as the harsh, outdoor light is unflattering and makes people squint) however it was the only time we could make our schedules work and so I was super picky about location and we gave it a go. And you know what, it worked out just fine ;)

When it does work out I'm like "Yes! I'm finally growing as a photographer! I'm learning! I'm finally getting better at this!" and when it doesn't work out so well, I'm like "Why do I overbook to the point I can't guarantee people a good lighting time?" It's a fine line.

 It helps that this family is just gorgeous and I don't think you could mess that up if you tried!

Love this happy tackle.

I'm working on getting directional light under less than ideal lighting conditions. Since the sun was directly overhead at this point we tucked Miss Sofia into the shade at the edge of a park so the light would come from the side and slightly above her. Doesn't she have the most perfect face? Just an exquisite child really.

Happy girl!

The quilt shots were inside in a garage, another place you can find pretty light at almost all times of the day.

Can you see the heart in this picture?

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