Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Addison Grace

This is tiny Miss Addison Grace, the 4th child and only girl of a sweet family I shoot!

Since the arrival of a daughter was something of a lifelong dream for her momma, we had all these plans for her newborn shoot and she was a dream baby and willing did all the poses we tried with her ! Addison was 6 days old when we shot these, and so willing to curl back into womb-like poses!

And she was even happy about it!

This was a pose I was somewhat reluctant to try (some babies WILL NOT do this one) but Miss Addison was game and did the whole pose by herself! This isn't a composite image, she did it all by herself (although these was a pair of hands about 6 inches from her in case she did decide to move).

On her bedding

Addison with big brother Grayson. He had just woken up from a nap and was a bit groggy, which is pretty much the only way to make a 19-month-old hold still ;)

Addison and her momma

Here's a picture her momma took of us setting up the shot. (I'm the blonde frizzball on the left)

This tutu was made by a mutual friend who knew Addison's momma had been dreaming about pink tutu shots since the big ultrasound when she found out she was having a girl.

The usual suspects. Addison's three big brothers, from left to right, twins Kyle and Kenneth and youngest brother Grayson.

One big happy family!

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