Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, a while back *delicate cough* my friend Becca came into town with her little man and husband and we agreed to meet up and take a couple of updated family pictures. Becca was one of the very first people I shot in College Station while I was still in college, and I was at her wedding and got to meet Jax when he was just over 1-month-old for newborn pictures and then again at 6-months-old! I currently blog stalk Becca at her delightful family blog here, and I was excited to see Jax again in person! So then of course it rained and I was so disappointed that we might be rained out, but Becca was game for shooting around the showers and we found a time that worked nicely for our purposes!

How cute is his posturing here? It looks like he's showing off his muscles!

This was the building where they had their wedding reception so we had to include it in a few images.

This picture (and Jax's slightly mashed face) crack me up! I also know we have a newborn one of him quite a bit like this, and I love series pictures so it makes it special for me!

Aren't they the sweetest together?

Besides chasing a busy 20-month-old around and maintaining a personal blog that is updated almost daily (!!!) Becca also makes cards, designs websites and designs logos all so she can stay at home and be with her little man! Of course all of her stuff is awesome, but I'm really impressed with her website designs! If you're a mommy blogger like my sister, a local writer whose humorous blog is going to take her places, or a local entrepreneur whose looking into branding your image I know Becca can help you out with your website!

I don't know about you, but I love to support local moms/business women and her stuff is great! Check her out here.

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Becca said...

So the first time I saw this was on my phone and I couldn't comment but I just want to say THANK YOU Sarah! You rock! We can't wait to see the rest!