Friday, October 29, 2010

Andrew, Blake, Reese and Riley- Tanglewood Park Shoot

These adorable chuck clad feet belong to...

....these adorable little faces. They are Andrew, (then) 3-year-old Blake, and (then) 2-year-old twins Reese and Riley. I'm not really sure about which twin is which in these pictures, as it's much harder to tell them apart in a two dimensional photograph than in person...and it's not that easy in person ;)

Here they are with their own little rock band!

Love Blake's "rocker" face, he made it regardless of the instrument he was playing!

Then everyone changed and it was a bit easier to tell people apart! This is Riley.

This is Reese.

Mr. Blake


The whole reason we picked Tanglewood park as a location was so we could photograph them in the splash pad after the more formal portion of the shoot. Unfortunately the splash pad actually broke while we were shooting the Beatles pictures (what are the odds?) and instead of disappointing these little guys we just took them to my house, hooked up all the water sprinklers and did that instead. Some of us were just a little excited about it!

Turns out the favored activity of the night was compressing the water going through the hose until a brother walked near a sprinkler head. Mischief personified!


Gabby said...

I love these!

Big Fat Gini said...

There is NO way I'll be able to top this for their Christmas pictures! These are just absolutely amazing. Thank you!