Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Availability and Scheduling

Butterfly Chaser Photography is currently completely booked for the rest of the year!!! Isn't that crazy?

I'm currently at the max capacity I can shoot , edit and return before Christmas. The only shoots I can add to this possibly overbooked schedule are newborn shoots, as maternity/paternity leave make it possible to shot them during the least desired times (midday on weekdays).

I am not generally this completely booked this far in advance, this Christmas Card season is just shaping up to be a busy one!

If you would like to book a date for 2011 we can do that now, or you can book at a later date. I tend to book weekends 2 months in advance and weekdays about 2-3 weeks in advance (again, I can generally work newborns into my schedule within a 10 day time frame, but it does help if I know the due date ahead of time!)


Gabby said...

I'd like to book a Saturday afternoon/evening bluebonnet shoot in April. I know I keep bugging you about it, but I just really, really want a spot :)

Amiee Kathleen said...

I know we have talked about doing a family shoot. So let me know when/if you are coming this way anytime soon. I'm sure you're anxious to shoot Otto a.s.a.p.

I'd love to try a fun, new location. If there are any you have been wanting to try we are up for it! Sunday would be ideal as it is the one day I can guarantee Dwight won't have to work.

Also, if you want to schedule this far out; how does June 25th sound for Isaac's 1 yr. pics & Kayden's 3 yr. pics?

William said...

I am super-happy to hear that you are this busy doing what you love. :)