Thursday, October 21, 2010

Megan and Natalie are 1!

Okay, the shoot I had tonight (1-year-old twins) reminded me that I had never blogged another set of 1-year-old twins that I shot way back in August! *small voice* Why yes, I am that far behind in blogging shoots. :/

Here's Megan and Natalie and their parents! They've come a long way from this last year (top image) haven't they?

Meagan's on the left and Natalie's on the right

Oh goodness, little girls are the best!

Then we gave them lollipops...and they were less than impressed.

Why did we torture this poor baby with sugar?!?!? ;)

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Judy Giles said...

So easy to see that those beautiful lady babies prefer their Momma to a sticky lollipop! Very sweet photo session.