Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This past spring I gave a couple of sessions to schools to use in their fundraisers/silent auctions. A coordinator of one of the fundraisers e-mailed me that a pregnant lady had purchased the session I gave their school and I was thrilled (and secretly hoping she used the session for newborn portraits) and guess what? She did!

This is Mr. Diego and his parents. He is a long awaited little man and completely worth the wait! He was such an easy baby to photograph, and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with him! :)

I love that he still had his hospital tags on! It helps signify what a new human he is in these images!

Diego and his bedding

Somebody's dad is a big sports fan!

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Brandy said...

That football blanket is too cute! And I love all the wraps you use now! I'm so jealous.... to not have known you when my girls were newborns/babies. :)