Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, last month I photographed this adorable bump, and this month I got to photograph who was in that bump!

This handsome boy is John Patrick, or JP. He was so so easy to photograph! I must be on a streak of mellow babies!

Love his face in this one! He was so very intent on getting his hands out of that swaddle!

Love this one of JP and his sock monkey!

Since he looked so sweet we switched out the sock monkey for the teddy his Dad loved on as a child (thus the more vintage tones to the picture too).

He is such a chill little fellow. He would get curious as to the snapping noise of the camera and open his eyes for a bit (but still stay all curled up and motionless) and then close them and go back to sleep.


Sally Motl said...

Wonderful pictures,Sarah.

Judy Giles said...

JP is a beautiful little man!