Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taylor, Garett and Morgan

When this is the first photo of the shoot...

...and these are the second and third it could make for an interesting shoot. (Sidenote, I've shot Morgan since he was 2, and he's never particularly liked having his picture made. I admire his consistency on the issue- there's something to be said for knowing yourself so well at such a young age- but he's too cute to let that fly. ;)

But I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve and Morgan and I bonded over a moth and then everything was good!

See what I mean about the cute? Dimples!

Garett, as usual was super easy to shoot, second borns FTW!

Taylor is 12 and I'm sure somewhere scads of 12-year-old girls are busy writing his name and circling it with puffy hearts ;)

We did some wall climbing...

Taylor got really pretty high

Morgan was too little to make the span, but he was willing to show how high Taylor was!

Pretty much my favorite picture of the shoot ;)

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