Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jerra and Jorja

These two sisters are Jerra and Jorja. Aren't they totes adorable?

Jorja was turning one so this shoot was mostly about her.

Gosh she's a pretty kid!

Sidenote; my laptop's name is Georgia Peaches so I have a fondness for her name as well :)

We did a smash cake and Jorja was SO INTO it! It was awesome. With the exception of one other 1-year-old (Caleigh, who will be on the blog soon) most of the smash cakes I have shot have ended with the baby poking it once and not liking it. Not with Jorja! She was a trooper and LOVED the cake!

Then we cleaned up and headed to Spoons to do some indoor shots. One of the things I really like about Jerra is how individualist she is. She likes insects (a girl after my own heart!) and the Aggie band and has opinion about most things. So fun!

Also, she's stinking gorgeous too, which is an added perk to shoot! :)

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