Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kaylee, Camryn and Jacob

The Cortez kids are so easy to shoot! I think they must practice before a session ;)

Jacob was 9 months old when we did this so the session was mostly about him. I LOVE when the bottom two teeth are the only ones really visible! So adorable!

I think we have a picture of Jacob and his mama like this from every shoot we've done with Jacob. It's going to make a fun series from newborn to great big one-year-old!

See what I mean about easy to shoot?

Also, the eyes on this kid, WOW.

Camryn is such a sweet, goofy girly! Love her!

Their mom got their necklaces specifically for this shoot.

I started shooting Kaylee when she was 3? 4? So it's boggling my mind that she's getting this big!

Little Miss Sassafrass! :)

Their cousin Christian came along for a couple of shots too. Doesn't this whole family make gorgeous kids?

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Anonymous said...

WOW....all of those are amazing. Brooke and Robert DO make some great looking kids...and cousin Christian is a cutie too. Great job capturing a GREAT family~