Monday, August 30, 2010

Maya, Nicodemus, Michaela and Chadley

I don't think it's any secret to people who know me that when I get married I plan on building a family with adoption, thus I jumped at the chance to donate my shooting skills to the foster care program here in the Bryan/College Station area. One of the really thoughtful things the caseworkers for foster kids do is create "life books" for the children with images of them growing up and pictures with their siblings. This is particularly important for the children who are growing up in different foster care homes and the ones about to be adopted (after the adoption some new parents continue sibling vitiation, but they don't have to).

This sweet sibling group is currently in three homes and meet once a month for 1 hour. This created a bit of a challenge during the shoot (they meet at 3:30 and it was 103 degrees and BRIGHT then) so we did a quick shoot in 20 minutes and got some really awesome images. All the kids did great!

Maya is 10, Nicodemus is 7, Michaela is 5 and Chadley is 3.

Chadley is the baby and is currently in a foster-to-adopt situation. He was such a happy little guys and clearly doted on by his older siblings. They all wanted to hug on him "Look how big the baby has gotten!" and they brought him small gifts (a special gold coin) for luck.

Michaela is 5, she is currently in a home with Nicodemus and that is how they will be placed in their new home. Together.

Look at that gorgeous auburn hair!

Nicodemus is 7 and a little prankster! He was so fun to goof around with!

Maya is 10 and came prepared for the shoot with some poses she had been practicing. I believe Maya is also in a semi-permanent placement.

She's just stunningly beautiful.

This is the sweet grouping that still needs a forever home.

If this post has moved you in some way to think about adoption or about possibly becoming a foster parent, please contact me through my website ( and I will e-mail you the adoption supervisor's information.


The Queen said...

You do a wonderful thing! These pictures are priceless... lots of prayers that they find their forever homes. Ryan and I have talked about adopting one day when the time is right for us... so many children just need to be loved!

Clements' Family said...

Stuart and I have always wanted one biological child and adopt as many children as we can after. My godfather adopted 14 children....he had much more money than we do.
These kids are all so beautiful! The red hair kills me! And great names too!