Monday, August 30, 2010


So, you know I have all these theories, and one of which is all children named Jack (son/ton) are gorgeous. I've never shot a Jack that wasn't. (I am only slightly biased by having a grandfather named Jack;)

Anyways, here's a gorgeous little Jackson I shot recently. He's was 18 months old and full of fun.

You gotta love how cute cloth diapers are!

The whole family

Jackson decided Daddy would look better in pictures without his glasses. I love this collage because it shows how busy he was! He was a typical toddler and didn't want to stop moving for a second, which is great because action shots are some of the best.

See? Spinning pictures always get a smile!

Chasing Daddy

This has got to be my favorite! I love how you can see his mom's hand holding him out of the fountain!


Best Uncle EVA said...

that figures since "Jack" means a gift from God!

Frank Thompson, KE #3128 said...

Absolutely superb work! ~ Frank T, a great uncle to young Jackson