Sunday, April 4, 2010

Babies and Texture Issues

In the past week I've shot 5 babies under the age of 1 and 4/5ths of them really hated the texture of grass. It makes sense really, they have either never been on grass or they do not remember the sensation and are a little frightened by it. Some of them just needed to be reassured that everything was fine and they calmed down and we continued the shoot and some needed bigger measures.

This is sweet Caleigh who just really doesn't like the outdoors. (But seriously, how stinking cute is her angry face?)

For her we just took her inside and finished the session inside where she was completely happy.

However if the shoot is a bluebonnet shoot you don't really have that option. Here Audrey lets us know how she feels about the flowers.

For Audrey all she needed was to be picked up. All the images that I really like of her from that shoot she is being held by a parent.

I now bring a couple of props with me to bluebonnet shoots to make sure we can get your little on up and off the grass if they have an issue with it. Here's Jorja modeling one of the baskets I use.

I have a green blanket that I use on grass and that hides quite well behind the bluebonnets. Here's Lauren modeling it for me. Lauren is wearing a tutu and a bow made by a mom and client of mine. Her business page can be found here.

I also have a wicker chair that I use in the bluebonnets.

So, if you have a bluebonnet shoot scheduled with me and you're worried about your baby's response to the flowers or grass I will have my props with me for you to use. Also, please feel free to bring blankets, buckets, rocking horses, or chairs. They all photograph well in the flowers and will help ensure a smiling child! :)

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Gabby said...

That's so funny. Beautiful photos! It makes me wish we had made plans for a bluebonnet shoot. We'll have to get on your calendar for next year! The one of Audrey crying in the flowers is so cute! Tim has a friend who came over with his 1.5 yr old daughter, and she was afraid of the grass, too! Cady hasn't seemed to notice it when sitting in the yard with the dogs, but maybe only because she's distracted. She forgets that she hates things (like hats and headbands) when she is distracted.