Monday, April 26, 2010

On the Road

Tomorrow I'm heading to Tyler for 2 days to shoot the Knight family as they bring their newest child home from Ethiopia!

The Knights are best friends with the family I used to nanny for, and are completely delightful people. I'm so glad to get to see (and photograph!) this new chapter of their lives! They have a blog of their adventures as they add baby Mezekir to their family, it can be seen here.

Here's a link to the last time I photographed the Knight children, just as their family was starting their adoption journey. The next time they'll feature on the blog I'll get to include pictures of all 4 of their children!

Now for the boring business news; I'll be staying with my family in Tyler and they are 1.) moving house and 2.) own ancient computers so e-mailing may slow for the next two days. Rest assured I'll either e-mail you when I get back into town or contract you on my blackberry if you're desperate!


Mandi said...

Sarah....if you ever head to Tyler this summer, and you would be up for it, I would drive so you can take the boys' pictures!!! We're only 2 hours from there. ;)

Dawn said...

OOOOHHHH I can't WAIT to see them!! Please email me one of the whole family that I can frame!!! Mezekir is such a cutie. We miss all of you - wish we could be there too. xoxo