Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Workflow

Right now is perfect weather for shooting, flowers are out, it's (relatively) sunny, and it's not too hot or too cold. Perhaps not coincidentally, I'm also busier then I've ever been which is awesome! It's sad to me when my busiest season is in November. November is cold and outdoor vegetation is dead and it gets dark earlier, so if you are thinking about a shoot spring is an awesome time to schedule it.

However this increased work flow has made it a bit harder to schedule things and to keep things moving in a timely fashion. Right now I'm shooting 2 shoots a day (around 4 hours of shooting), I'm scheduling/e-mailing for about an hour a day and then I need to be doing about 8 hours of editing to keep up with my backlog of shoots. Obviously that's not a workable business day, but it is something I can do for short periods of time, while I figure out a better solution!

You know what the best thing about shooting lots of shoots? Getting to see more sweet faces each day :)

This is Davis the 6-week-old I shot yesterday morning.

Then yesterday afternoon I shot William and his big sister, Faith. Gorgeous kids aren't they?

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